Outsourcing your MSP servicing – the ultimate checklist

If it can be done online these days – it’s pretty likely you can outsource it. In your MSP, I’d be surprised if you didn’t outsource something already. You can outsource lead generation, sales, marketing, copy writing and content production, book keeping and accounting and on goes the list.

But what about your customer support? If you are serious about scaling your MSP – you can’t really do it if you don’t confront the resource drain customer support puts on your business.

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Privacy Policy and GDPR

Well now that everyone’s inbox has cooled down from an onslaught of GDPR related panic-emails we thought it would be an appropriate time to share our updated Privacy Policy and the GDPR statement for Benchmark 365. We have implemented a robust and effective data protection program which complies with existing law and abides by the…

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Scaling your MSP – 5 Hard Truths

Scaling an MSP the traditional way is far from easy. For 10 years I followed all the industry mantras, bought all the automation tools and hired, lost and trained techs over and over again.

But in 2012 at the peak of my frustration I had the opportunity to travel overseas and learn how companies were truly built to scale. It was an eye-opening experience and broke away from all the IT industry Kool-Aid I’d consumed in the preceding 10 years. Today we are a totally scaled up MSP and we’re working with other MSPs and ITSPs right around the world to help them reach their goals faster.

It’s a funny thing when you’re on the ground in your business, you can’t always see the problems for what they are. After spending time off the tools and away from my traditional MSP business I started to recognise the reasons I’d struggled for so long.

Here’s what I learnt:

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5 Myths of Offshoring for MSPs

It’s an exciting time in the MSP industry with more and more ways to support customers, to offer new technologies and to find new profitable approaches to servicing clients. One of the hottest topics in the MSP industry right now is the concept of outsourced helpdesk services to underpin MSPs and ITSPs looking to grow…

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Abundance, Pricing and Hiring – what MSP’s talk about at lunch

Last week we held our first Melbourne ‘beers + steak’ lunch for Benchmark 365 partners and peers in the Melbourne MSP space.  It was a great day out with plenty of ideas shared along with some terrific food and an enjoyable selection of beers!

As the event name suggests we chose to keep the event casual and without a formal agenda and I think that made it a good way to openly talk about what’s happening in the industry, get to know our partners better and learn from industry peers.

The group was a mixture of Benchmark 365 Partners, seasoned MSPs and IT resellers, vendors and new players in the Melbourne IT space so this generated a broad range of topics:

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