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Hello!! We are very excited to have you here.

First things first.. if you’re an MSP or IT service provider you’ve come to the right place. Our sole intention is to help IT businesses find the right levers to reduce cost, grow revenue, scale and most importantly – profit.

After 15 years of running a high growth MSP – we learned a lot. These lessons are important because, not only did we create a more cost effective and hyper-profitable MSP, we were also able to use those savings to build better business systems, to create a “wow” experience for our customers and maximise our sales. This took us to heights we could never have imagined and to this day we credit our offshoring journey for leading us on a path of business mastery.

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Abundance, Pricing and Hiring – what MSP’s talk about at lunch

Last week we held our first Melbourne ‘beers + steak’ lunch for Benchmark 365 partners and peers in the Melbourne MSP space.  It was a great day out with plenty of ideas shared along with some terrific food and an enjoyable selection of beers!

As the event name suggests we chose to keep the event casual and without a formal agenda and I think that made it a good way to openly talk about what’s happening in the industry, get to know our partners better and learn from industry peers.

The group was a mixture of Benchmark 365 Partners, seasoned MSPs and IT resellers, vendors and new players in the Melbourne IT space so this generated a broad range of topics:
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Offshoring for MSP’s comes of age and is ready to transform your business

Have you considered outsourcing or offshoring your MSP helpdesk or project work?  Many have thought about it but wondered whether it will work – I know when we started out setting up a company overseas we had a whole bunch of concerns.  As it turned out we had little to worry about.

While offshoring is a reasonably new concept, there have been enormous advances in staffing capability and technology in offshore locations making it a viable solution for MSPs looking to grow, scale and be more profitable. Continue reading “Offshoring for MSP’s comes of age and is ready to transform your business”

Outsourced NOC is not enough to keep your MSP customers happy

A modern IT service provider or MSP usually offers NOC (network operations centre) services as part of a contract with their customers.  Experienced MSPs know that addressing network and server alerts before their customers are impacted is a valuable offering and can prevent a disaster occurring.

Some MSPs handle this by having an on call engineer and others have a night shift team or explored using a 24×7 NOC provider. But is NOC enough?
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The 5 reasons outsourcing your MSP Helpdesk will transform your business

The MSP industry has changed radically, much faster than any other sector.  As a result, IT providers also need to change and adapt in order to continue to grow revenue and maximise profit.

One notable trend worth considering is the shift to outsourcing helpdesk and NOC services.  Roles such as dispatch, Level 1 and Level 2 support that were once thought to be in house roles are now being professionally outsourced giving MSPs a strategic and financial advantage over the competition.

Here as some reasons why this trend is important and why smart MSPs are shifting to a hybrid or total outsourced helpdesk service:
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3 keys to growing your MSP Sales exponentially

One of the top questions we get on our website is how does Benchmark 365 help grow MSP sales?

We know MSP’s face numerous challenges.  There is more competition in the IT space than ever before, new players are entering the market and there is a constant threat of software-as-a-service providers who can diminish the value of MSP contracts.

Yet Gartner has estimated that the IT services market is worth a whopping $960 billion globally.  These statistics suggest that there is more work out there for IT companies not less.

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From MSP Tech Star to Sales Superhero

Being a technically strong MSP owner can be a double-edged sword, costing your business thousands of dollars per month in new customer acquisition.

On the one hand your customer’s value your ability to troubleshoot and solve I.T. problems, on the other hand it leaves you with less time for marketing and acquiring new clients.

Finding staff that are just as skilled as you can often be expensive and it’s common for MSPs to struggle with sales growth while you work extraordinary hours saving your clients from the latest glitch or impending outage.

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Coders + MSP = A Profitable Match

Savvy MSP owners are seeing the opportunity to expand their offering grow new revenue streams to include web development, website management and coding services.

Customer habits are changing and the traditional MSP model is under threat due to a decreasing dependence for hardware and server support. While customers spend less on internal IT they have turned their attention and IT spend to web based applications, mobile apps and cloud software.

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