Welcome to the Benchmark 365 Blog

Hello!! We are very excited to have you here.

First things first.. if you’re an MSP or IT service provider you’ve come to the right place. Our sole intention is to help IT businesses find the right levers to reduce cost, grow revenue, scale and most importantly – profit.

After 15 years of running a high growth MSP – we learned a lot. These lessons are important because, not only did we create a more cost effective and hyper-profitable MSP, we were also able to use those savings to build better business systems, to create a “wow” experience for our customers and maximise our sales. This took us to heights we could never have imagined and to this day we credit our offshoring journey for leading us on a path of business mastery.

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From MSP Tech Star to Sales Superhero

Being a technically strong MSP owner can be a double-edged sword, costing your business thousands of dollars per month in new customer acquisition.

On the one hand your customer’s value your ability to troubleshoot and solve I.T. problems, on the other hand it leaves you with less time for marketing and acquiring new clients.

Finding staff that are just as skilled as you can often be expensive and it’s common for MSPs to struggle with sales growth while you work extraordinary hours saving your clients from the latest glitch or impending outage.

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Coders + MSP = A Profitable Match

Savvy MSP owners are seeing the opportunity to expand their offering grow new revenue streams to include web development, website management and coding services.

Customer habits are changing and the traditional MSP model is under threat due to a decreasing dependence for hardware and server support. While customers spend less on internal IT they have turned their attention and IT spend to web based applications, mobile apps and cloud software.

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Great MSP Staff – But does it translate to more profit?

Finding great people to work for your MSP is an essential part of having a successful IT company. Get the right people on the bus and everything should follow – right?

But.. MSP staff are often expected to be heroes. They need to hold considerable expertise in servers, client applications and complex network infrastructure and on, top of all of that, they are also expected to have incredible customer service while juggling many tickets at once. Those skills are not only hard to come by but are also becoming increasingly costly. Besides the sick days, vacation leave and re-hiring costs, the latest job statistics show that the best systems engineers are in high demand and are commanding considerable salaries in Western employment markets.

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How do MSPs target verticals – the 6 point checklist

It’s always a tough question – should your MSP go vertical or focus on a broader marketplace?

Some MSPs find it difficult to get a foothold in to a specific market but once they break through they are able to focus their marketing, sales activities and product development on a single community of businesses leading to more sales and more efficiency.

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