Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you email or call a customer using our company name?

    As a Private Label service provider we act as an extension of your company.
    We answer calls, call out and correspond by email and service tickets using your company name.

  • Why use a Private Label service?

    We take away the worry of managing staff and technical changes. You get your work life balance back and do what you enjoy the most.

  • What is a Private Label IT service?

    We can deliver IT help desk services to your IT / MSP business and you have total control of your client relationship.

  • What about the software and technical tools we use, do we need to change?

    No. You keep using the tools which suit your business.

  • What are the benefits to my business?

    Our Private Label IT Service adds more than $80,000 additional income to your bottom line through increased sales and labour cost savings.

  • How do we make money?

    You control your labour costs and get a surperior technical team when you need. Arguably more important is that we help you increase your average sale.

  • What does it cost to use Benchmark 365 for our MSP?

    We offer a range of Plans for MSP’s that cater to those who are just starting out through to Plans for those who handle 100’s of requests every month.

  • What are the lock in contracts with Benchmark 365?

    None. You can start and stop with us anytime.

  • What services can you help us with (or anything I.T. that you can’t do)?

    Everything from Level 1 tech to web and application development to advanced system engineers, we can help you with everything your MSP currently does and more..

  • What if I’m not an IT company, can you help my business?

    We pride ourselves on our Benchmark365 Partners and refer them work wherever possible or if you onsell, you might be interested in our value chain Private Label services.

  • What are the hidden costs?

    There are no hidden costs. You control all the sales and therefore control our work.

  • How do you help me with sales and marketing or sales coaching?

    Our senior directors have run a successful MSP for 15 years. We coach and chat to you about your sales experiences, share winning sales strategies and support your marketing efforts. It’s a win/win.

  • How do we start?

    We have found the best way to start is by letting us demonstrate how we handle your service tickets with confidence. You’ll be amazed with our fanatical support and best practice solutions.

  • I heard you also run an MSP – aren’t you a competitor?

    We have a boutique premium MSP based in Sydney, Australia. We use our MSP to try out new methodologies and sales techniques all of which we share with our Benchmark365 Partners. We legally restrict ourselves from working with our Partner’s customers.

  • How big is the Benchmark 365 team?

    Rule of thumb: For every $1m your business has in revenue, 4 team members are assigned to your company. Benchmark 365 Partners with higher revenue and thus higher ticket volumes can expect to be assigned additional team members.

    We scale automatically with your needs as and when you require Benchmark 365. No more staffing headaches or capacity issues, pay for what you need when you need it.

  • What sort of skills do your techs have?

    Our engineers range from “first time fix” level 1 engineers to senior platform and network infrastructure consultants. We also have an on demand team of web and application developers.

  • How do we start with Benchmark365?

    Easiest way – talk to us. Contact Us, our staff will be able to assist and show you how easy it is. And we won’t ask for any money upfront (a 100% cost-free)

  • How does your system work, how can you answer our calls and emails?

    We provide you with a dedicated extension to forward your phone calls directly to our team or alternatively you can answer calls and log them in to our system (or yours). You can also provide us with a dedicated email address using your own domain. We work in the most flexible way to suit your needs.

  • Do your services cover public holidays?

    Yes, the Benchmark 365 team work as normal on most public holidays with the exception of major holidays such as Christmas Day or New Years Day.

  • Can you help us with projects?

    Yes, we have a dedicated projects team for assisting you with anything from Office 365 migrations, cloud migrations, staging of workstations, servers, network devices and more..

  • How long does it take to get up and running with Benchmark 365?

    A standard onboarding includes understanding your call process, core training, defining ticket flow and diverting emails and helpdesk calls to our team. This can all be accomplished within 15 business days.

    Our senior directors coach and chat to you about your sales experiences, how to improve and make more sales.