How did we get here?

Scaling an MSP is far from easy. For 10 years, James Vickery, our CEO and Founder, followed all the industry mantras, bought all the automation tools and hired, lost and trained techs over and over again. By 2012 he was at the peak of his frustration and realizing he had to radically change his MSP or face a long slow decline.

So he headed off in search of a solution to his scaling problem – how could he grow his business rapidly without sacrificing customer service while navigating increasing price competition and spiralling labour costs.

“After spending time off the tools and away from my traditional MSP business it became clear that in order to grow the company and maximise our margins the answer was offshoring. Almost over night it transformed my MSP by freeing up my time and our resources, dramatically reducing costs and –  importantly – creating the ability to scale at will and maximize profits.”

With this new found capacity and resources, James realized that outsourcing had the power to transform other MSP’s facing the same challenges. and he could save his fellow MSP’s the hassle of offshoring their own support teams.

By MSP entrepreneurs for MSP entrepreneurs

The driving mission of Benchmark 365 is to help other MSPs and ITSPs scale rapidly, be more profitable and reach their goals faster.

We are run by MSP entrepreneurs for MSP entrepreneurs. We’ve survived the growing pains, scaled the hurdles and made the mistakes. Benchmark 365 is here to help you avoid as much of that as possible.

We are much more than a provider of helpdesk and NOC support. While we deliver exceptional customer support for you – it’s the means – not the end. The end is making sure you have the resources and capacity you need to reach your potential.

Our service is designed with scalability at its heart. We think you should be able to take on as much new business as fast as you can – and have the time and capacity to go find it.

With teams in North America, Australia, and the Philippines we scale to deliver exceptional customer service to your clients day and night.

With their helpdesks humming and labour costs under control, our Partners are jumping ahead of the competition, generating new revenue streams, beating out competitors on price and activating new solutions. Why don’t you join us?