Hayden Burt, Global
Technology Manager

Hayden shares below how Benchmark 365 helped him scale Evisent quickly by providing his clients with highly responsive customer and IT support, advice on
winning sales techniques and giving him the time to focus on expanding his business.

Evisent is a fast growing Managed Services Provider based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in IT support, strategic advice and project integration services to small and mid market organisations.

Experts in IT

Evisent’s founder, Hayden Burt, a seasoned technology expert with a senior role as a Global Technology Manager decided to launch the business in response to the lack of support and reliability he had encountered throughout his career from 3rd party IT providers. His dilemma was how to scale his business without sacrificing his commitment to great customer service.

A Fresh Approach

Hayden is a techie, and who takes great care when advising his customers on their IT requirements while offering a friendly and accessible service. Hayden explains:

I launched Evisent to address the issue of poor service from external IT providers.

I’ve got a very technical background and I’ve been at a senior level in the corporate world. Throughout that time I was constantly disappointed by the lack of support and assistance we’d get from third parties and IT consultants.

I wanted to create an MSP that was built around relationships and great customer service. So I started Evisent as a boutique, hands on IT service provider for companies with between 10-50 employees.

Growing MSPs often run into problems keeping up with the volume of support tickets and will naturally look to employ more staff or hire subcontractors. As a result of Evisent’s early success Hayden’s workload had become overwhelming. So he too went in search of subcontractors adding another layer of complexity and cost to his MSP.

The Challenges

Whilst I had a sense that our approach to IT services was different, and that we could win more clients, I was cautious about taking on too much work because it might mean that our service levels would be affected.

Our unique approach to IT advice and personalised service resulted in the business growing faster than I had anticipated. I was doing a lot of the technical work as well as sales and marketing and it was just getting too difficult to juggle everything on my own.

I have a great relationship with my clients and they were understanding when I wasn’t readily available but it also meant that I was working all night and on weekends to keep up with demand and I couldn’t always get customer issues resolved as quickly as I had in the beginning.

To help me with the increased workload I initially thought about hiring more staff but I knew, at a minimum, I would need at least a couple of people to provide the level of expertise my customers were accustomed to.

This would be a big investment at a very early stage of the business so I began hiring subcontractors. The problem was that they were rarely available right when I needed them and they would come and go leaving me to do the work or having to search for someone else to help me.

Ultimately, I found that managing subcontractors was becoming a job in and of itself and was not affording me the time or reliability I needed to focus on my business.

Benchmark 365 is a ‘no lock in’ Private Label offering for MSPs. Like many of our Partners, Hayden learnt about working with a Private Label MSP by talking to other MSPs who had successfully scaled up. Hayden describes his decision to become a Benchmark 365 Partner:

A Unique Solution

After talking with a close friend who also ran an MSP he suggested I speak with James Vickery, Benchmark’s CEO. They had been using their team for over a year and had extremely positive things to say about them.

I was incredibly nervous about outsourcing but with so little time and so much customer demand I decided to give James a call.

The thing that I immediately liked about Benchmark 365 is that we could do a trial and that they didn’t try to lock us in to a long term contract. This suited me because I wanted to take it slow and make sure that this was a good fit for me and my business.

“I was blown away by the capability. Whereas I originally thought Benchmark 365 could help with some basic support for Evisent, they in fact had a fully developed service delivery and customer service team with all of the expertise I needed to step away from IT support and to scale up the company.”

Preparing to Go Live with Benchmark 365 takes 10-15 business days. A team of customer service and technical personnel are assigned and Benchmark 365 works to ensuring everything is smooth prior to ‘Go Live’. This includes setting up a dedicated phone number, configuring email and ticketing systems and co-developing
customer documentation. Hayden shares his experience:

Going Live

We went live with Benchmark 365 in June 2017. The onboarding process was smooth and within a couple of weeks we had a fully scaled up team of IT support for Evisent.

“ The results were immediate. For one thing, the speed at which Benchmark 365 were able to answer helpdesk calls and resolve incidents was far quicker than I could do given my busy workload.”

Their service operates day and night so any time our customers call or email the team are on top of it.

One of my big worries was whether our customers would refuse to work with technician’s other than me but surprisingly nobody even mentioned it. This because I now actually spend more time speaking to my customers rather than doing the actual tech work. The relationships are stronger and the work is getting done so they’re satisfied that Evisent is delivering everything that they need.

Benchmark 365 provides a fully equipped MSP team from Level 1/2 and 3 support engineers, dispatch personnel and project delivery resources. Customer’s see an
improvement in overall service because there is always someone taking calls, responding to and resolving support tickets. Hayden describes:

Better Customer Experiences

“ I’m really impressed. Not just with the technical support staff at Benchmark 365 but also their administrative capability.”

Having a team on hand that answers the calls day and night and processes the tickets rather than me handling everything is a big advantage to Evisent and our clients.

I’ve noticed a big shift in the conversation with my clients – from talking just about technical issues to having positive discussions about business and strategy. They don’t need to me to check up on tickets or look into technical problems because Benchmark 365 is taking care of it.

I also noticed that after starting with Benchmark 365 there were fewer re-occurring incidents. I didn’t anticipate them being so proactive but the volume of support tickets has been decreasing as the Benchmark 365 team are on top of it. They let me know when something requires more than a quick fix and help me to address it.

Benchmark 365 is a lot more than just an NOC or helpdesk service. Hayden describes how he was able to tap into more than 15 years of MSP experience in sales, pricing techniques and customer acquisition strategies.

On Demand MSP Expertise

Having a support team handling phones, tickets and projects for Evisent has been great but what’s unique about Benchmark 365 is that they actively help me find more ways to position our product offering and grow our sales.

The Benchmark 365 leadership team has been doing this for 15 years and have already been through all the pain points that my business is just starting to experience. I feel as though I could have spent years trying to gain that same experience. Instead, any time I’ve had a question or a problem to do with a sales issue or a tricky customer situation the senior team are incredibly responsive and able to help guide me on what to do.

“ This access to senior management from an experienced MSP has totally changed the way we price, sell and deliver our services.”

Benchmark 365 believes in true partnership. We work with MSPs who want to scale, grow and be profitable. Evisent is now positioned to take on larger MSP contracts with confidence.

Amped Up for Growth

I see Benchmark 365 as a permanent fixture in my company. Partnering with them is an absolute game changer for me.

From day one it really revolutionised the way we operate. It reduced my stress levels and made me feel more comfortable about taking on clients rapidly.

My time has gone from spending 80% doing IT support and helpdesk and 20% of my time doing sales and strategy to a complete shift in focus.

Now I spend 80% of my time marketing and selling and, as a result, we’ve doubled our revenue in 6 months and I expect that figure to double again in the next 6 months.

We now have the opportunity to acquire much larger customers because I have the confidence that Benchmark 365 can handle anything I throw at them.

Instead of considering hiring technicians my next hire will be an account manager allowing me even more time to focus on Evisent’s growth.

“Working with Benchmark 365 is a true partnership and I would definitely recommend them to any IT business looking to grow.”