Managing Director, Martin Haak shares how Benchmark 365’s Private Label MSP helped Infinite Edge in just one year:

  • created time to focus on growth
  • scaled on demand
  • 95% increase in revenue
  • 33% decrease in costs
  • drove increased, sustained profitability.

Founded in 2010, Infinite Edge is an MSP based in Melbourne, Australia that specialises in the delivery of IT support services, IT telecommunications and cloud based infrastructure to small and mid size companies.

The Challenges

We had a lot of challenges particularly after our first few years in business. I’m quite technically hands on so I found myself being responsible not only for running a business but handling IT support requests at all hours. I was spending less and less time with my family due to late night and weekend demands.

Our customers are extremely loyal and my wife Jules and I have built incredible relationships with our clients over the years but we were finding many were unwilling to pay a reasonable amount for our services yet still expecting us to be hero’s and solve all of their IT problems.

“All of this meant I was spending very little time on the business and almost no time in sales or reviewing customer contracts so the business growth had stalled.”

Infinite Edge’s story is not dissimilar from many MSPs. Martin, a dedicated business owner with a passion for technology and great customer service went through a process of hiring more staff and
purchasing popular MSP software tools hoping to free up time for family and for business development activities.

A Turning Point

We thought hiring more staff would help solve some of the issues we were having. I’m not sure if we had a bit of bad luck but we weren’t happy with the quality of work that was being produced.

Then I started attending MSP industry events and was encouraged to buy PSA (Professional Services Automation) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools which we did but the time required to set these systems up properly was taking me away from customers so these tools just became another cost.

At the end of the day we were doing all this work, spending more and more time managing people and trying to meet customer demands and we weren’t profitable. I really began to wonder what the answer was until I discovered Benchmark 365.

Partnering with experience

It was actually one of our clients who recommended I contact Benchmark 365. James Vickery, Benchmark 365’s CEO, had worked overseas with our client and she knew that he had experience setting up global offshore MSP teams.

I contacted James in June of 2016, and immediately saw the value. James and the team at Benchmark 365 had already run and grown a successful MSP. We spoke about our technical and sales challenges and he listened and openly shared with me some of the ways his MSP had tackled these issues.

They just got what we were going through and so we made a decision to give it a try. 12 months on and I no longer do technical work. I now spend my working hours on sales and paid consulting work and finally have more time for my family.

“Our company has doubled its revenue and with the cost savings from using Benchmark 365 we became profitable and have stayed profitable ever since.”

Onboarding with Benchmark 365 is executed in 10 days. A team of customer service and technical personnel are assigned and Benchmark 365 works as a partner ensuring everything is smooth prior to ‘go live’ including setting up a dedicated phone number, configuring of email and ticketing systems and co-developing customer documentation.

A Turn Key Approach

During the initial on boarding we had lots of questions about how Benchmark 365 would work which were all answered quickly by our dedicated manager.

Benchmark then assigned us a learning and onboarding team to get to know how we worked, what our customers expected and how our systems were designed. We provided a call script so that the Benchmark 365 team would take calls and respond to service tickets in our company name and use our company branding.

We were really surprised when they assigned us a whole team of technical and customer service staff rather than just 1 or 2 people. We went from helping our customers whenever we could find the time to giving them access to a fully staffed MSP helpdesk in a matter of days.

It was truly turn key – we’d hired staff before that have taken weeks or months to understand our systems but because Benchmark 365 already knew how to run an MSP they had the skills to manage our client’s infrastructure and software with minimal input from us.

Better Customer Experiences

A lot of things went through my mind when we were considering Benchmark 365. I’d had less than optimal experiences with offshore call centres from calling our internet provider or telco but it turned out I had nothing to worry about. The Benchmark 365 customer service was well beyond ours and our own customer’s expectations.

“Customers are happy – Benchmark 365 uses NetPromoter-like scoring tools to survey the end customer and we are consistently in the 90% range of customer satisfaction every month.”

Our calls are answered every single time within 2-3 rings, a ticket is logged with detailed notes of the caller and on average most incidents are resolved within the hour. If the Benchmark 365 engineer gets an unusual customer request or has any hesitation making a system change we get a notification and can give our customer a bit of TLC if we think it’s needed.

Benchmark 365 is a lot more than just a NOC or a helpdesk service. We provide valuable insights and advice on which customers need the most attention and which don’t – unlocking an MSP’s full sales potential.

Sustainable, Healthy Profit

Benchmark 365 provided us with a helpdesk and an NOC team that were a great help, but the real value for us has been the insightful metrics from the Benchmark 365 software showing how our customers were using our services.

Benchmark 365 analysed the types of work we were doing, the frequency of the calls and number of support tickets and the time spent on each client. They constantly share industry benchmarks as to what our customer’s true monthly value should be and that information helps us deliver services in a way that gives our clients the best outcome and ensures we are always paid for the work that we do.

This turned out to be invaluable and it became clear why we were struggling to profit from all of our efforts. Benchmark 365 were able to identify customer’s who were demanding significantly more work than they were paying for and the Benchmark 365 team helped us devise a new pricing model and sales techniques that turned underperforming clients into profitable ones.

Most importantly, because the service is a pay-per-use style of service we only pay Benchmark 365 for work that we get paid for. Benchmark 365 reports to us in real time and we can start or stop jobs or tickets depending on whether the customer is paying us for the service or if it is included in our AYCE (All You Can Eat) MSP contracts.

We also did our numbers and realised it was by far more cost effective to leverage Benchmark 365’s PSA, RMM and Endpoint Security. We just pay for the licenses that we use so if we obtain a new customer and need more licenses we don’t have to sign lengthy contracts with the big software vendors and this has helped us keep our costs in control and in line with our stage of growth.

“We’ve not only doubled our revenue but we are substantially more profitable
than we were 12 months ago.”

Infinite Scale

Like a cloud service for people, Benchmark 365 scales up or down to meet customer demand. Infinite Edge never has to worry about its ability to deliver on its promises.

Our goal is to double our revenue again by this time next year and with the service in place and ready to scale up further we are now working on our strategic marketing initiatives targeting larger customers and specific verticals where we think we can add the most value.

What’s great about Benchmark 365 is I never have to worry about hiring staff or if someone has a sick day or is late for work or needs a holiday. It’s not an issue we have to consider in our growth plans.

If we win a new MSP client or secure a project the Benchmark 365 service scales up by immediately assigning more team members and this means all of our company focus is on marketing and business development activities resulting in more growth and profit.

“I truly feel now that we have scale we can really grow and tackle larger clients without worrying about how we’re going to deliver it so Benchmark 365 was a great decision for us.”

If I had my time over again I would definitely engage the team at Benchmark 365. Our growth is beyond expectations and that’s great but the time I get to spend with my family has also made it a truly valuable partnership for us.

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