Benchmark 365 at a glance

Around the clock service

With partners all over the world we cover both your own and your customer’s needs – day and night.

Seamless integration

There’s no need to change RMM or documentation platforms. We’ll work with the tools that suit you best.

No lock in contracts

All of our services are month to month ensuring flexibility and our dedication to meeting the demands of your MSP.

Reduce costs significantly

Cut your servicing costs by as much as 70%. Our services cost less than 50% of an equivalent full time employee. Our pricing is based on the actual work involved – not seats or endpoints which often overstate capacity and therefore cost. We constantly monitor on¬going volume and work with you to craft the right service for your business.

We succeed when you succeed

Providing you with the people and resources you need to scale your company is just the beginning. We consistently focus on ways to help you land more recurring revenue, make customer engagements more profitable and drive sales growth in your business. It’s a win/win.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of skills do your techs have?

Our engineers range from “first time fix” level 1 engineers to senior platform and network infrastructure consultants.

Are there any communication issues with outsourcing?

No! All our client facing staff are customer service experts. You can expect the quality of communication you would from any leading IT company.

How do you make sure your service is always good?

Our Quality Assurance team constantly monitors how our team is engaging with and supporting your customers. If there is any variation from our standard we work to immediately rectify the problem and adjust our processes as we learn more. We are also constantly training and coaching the team to keep on improving.

What services can you help us with?

Everything from Level 1 tech to advanced system engineers, we can help you with everything your MSP currently does and more. If an MSP maintains it – it’s likely we have the technical skills to support it.

What about the software and technical tools we use, do we need to change?

No. You keep using the tools which suit your business. But if we think there is a better more efficient way for you to get the job done – we will let you know. We don’t represent any software vendors – so our only interest is what works best for you and maximises your profitability.

How does your system work, how can you answer our calls and emails?

We provide you with a dedicated extension to forward your phone calls directly to our team. You can also provide us with a dedicated email address using your own domain. We work in the most flexible way to suit your needs.

What are the hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. As long as you remain in the parameters of our Fair Use Policy, you will never pay more than your Monthly Plan. You control all the sales and therefore control our work.